Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009 memories...

I have a lot to catch you up on. I will do my best!
I can’t believe Christmas has past.
We are beginning a new year, in just a couple of hours.
The 2009 Christmas memories are wonderful.
Thank goodness for pictures!
Christmas week festivities began on the 23rd for us.
Smittcamp Cousin Party…

Blair, Blake, Aubrey Rose, myself and BradleyBlake's cousin Katie, her husband Rob and their little man Logan Blake's cousin Courtney and her fiance Andy...(they are getting married on our anniversary in March! Yeah!) Blake's cousin Jessica, and her boyfriend AndrewMore fun cousins!
Nathan, Brent, Brandon and Rob

We had a little gift exchange
Then, we played the awesome game of Left, Right, Center
Ever played?? You NEED to!
Everyone brings $3
Depending on what you roll...

  • You either get to keep your dollar
  • Give your dollar to the person on your LEFT or RIGHT
  • Or if you roll C for CENTER, your dollar goes in the center for the pot.

The person with the last dollar gets ALL the money in the pot!
This game is a crowd pleaser FOR SURE! Even if you don't win!

Our game began with everyone sitting down...and ended with everyone on their feet with anticipation. Great game!

When sweet, little Nicole would roll, she knew EXACTLY what was at stake! Adorable!!

She got soooooo excited if she got to keep the money!

In the end, Rob MADE IT RAIN!!!

We all agreed Rob had home court advantage, since he and Katie hosted this year.

Bring on 2010 Baby! I see more fun memories ahead for us!!