Sunday, December 13, 2009

Maui 2009

Blake, Aubrey Rose and I were blessed to be able to spend a week in Maui with Blake’s family for Thanksgiving this year. Definitely did not “feel” like Thanksgiving when you are in paradise, but we did eat turkey and stuffing and at dinner, we also shared what we are each thankful for this year, which is always a blessing to focus on the important things in life. Blake and I are so blessed to have family we love and enjoy. And enjoy we did in Maui!

On the plane...

What a difference a year makes!! This picture was taken this year 2009...
This picture was last year in the same spot...

There are times when our little sunshine is NOT a fan of different textures. When she was a baby, she did not like problem with it now! When she was a baby she also did not like sand, this however has not changed. This is how Aubrey Rose walked in the sand. Actually...let me clarify...this is how she stood in the sand and would not move.
With this expression...

But she enjoyed a lot of other things paradise had to offer...ESPECIALLY the pool! Aubrey Rose with Big Papa
This past summer, Aubrey Rose was a little fishy in the water. She LOVED it! I wondered what she would be like after a few months of not swimming. The first day we could not keep in the pool. She kept wanting to run around the pool or run on the grass. Day 2 we could not get her out of the pool!! She just kept saying "MORE, MORE, MORE!"
Here are a few videos we took to remember the fun memories.

Blake and Blair (Blake's sister) took a surf lesson. They did pretty good!
Uncle Brad (Blake's brother) was so cute and made Aubrey Rose a sand castle!
Aubrey Rose with her favorite Mimi and Big Papa
Lunch time
We enjoyed a bunch of Maui Invitational basketball games while we were there. This has become a tradition we all enjoy...even Aubrey Rose!
Daddy helped entertain her at the games
and they giggled...A LOT!
Blake is SUCH a wonderful daddy! He was worried about Aubrey Rose getting too much sun, so he covered her up!
Some shopping time...Aubrey Rose is a fan of purses and "chooos"
All the girls at dinner
Thanksgiving Dinner

Our last dinner before we had to return to reality...
One of my favorites...already wish we could go back!