Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Party at Bill and Linda's

This past weekend we enjoyed a Christmas Party at Bill and Linda's. They sure know how to throw a party! They have some wonderful and FUN friends. They invited some of our wonderful and FUN friends, as well as some of Bradley and Blair's wonderful and FUN friends. Put all of them in a beautiful home for a party...you have a lot of laughing, catching up and good memories!
Here is Bill and Linda with Aubrey Rose

Aubrey Rose and Mimi
It was fun having my family there too! My brother and his wife (on the left), my sister and her husband (on the right) and my parents in the middle next to us.These are Linda's parents and Linda's brother with Aubrey Rose.
Auntie Blair or as Aubrey Rose says, "BB"Aubrey Rose and Auntie Allie
Fun Friends
My dad and Blake's Grandpa
My brother, my brother in law and my cousin!
The B and C's!! Ha!The guys (from left)...Blake, Josh, Dave, Rob, Garrett and Blake
The girls (from left)...Ashley, Christina, Jo-Linda, Katie D., Katie S., myself and Blair