Thursday, December 31, 2009

Boxing Day

On Boxing Day (the 26th), we had our Penner extended family get together at my parents house...
Lots of appetizers and desserts,
variety of different games were played,
little kids giggling,
gift exchange,
the return of the boat gift,
catching up,
sharing stories,
just a relaxed, quality family time.

Below is my dad's side of the family. There are a total of SIX kids in his family and three families live in Fresno. Everybody else is in Canada (or heaven)! :( We miss the others tremendously! My cousin babysitter EVER! Aubrey Rose loves "CC!"
My cousin Jon, his wife Andrea and their boy Christopher.
Christopher, my cousins...Charity, David, his wife Arris, and my sis Christy, her husband Aaron

Allie (sis in law), Aubrey Rose and myself

Another cheeeeesey it Aubrey Rose!

My cousin Jeremy is so cute with Aubrey Rose. They were being silly together.
We have been doing a gift exchange for the past 5 years. Our first year, someone brought this boat. Second year the boat came back. Last year, the fish was added. Kind of a bad tradition, but it is always a crowd pleaser! Ha! (A gift card to somewhere is usually included....this year, however, not so much.)
Yeah, I think my cousin David would have rather ended up with these candles. In the end, he was the recipient of the boat and fish!
Aubrey Rose was helping my mom open her gift.
My cousin Luke and his fiance Becca. (They are getting married on our anniversary in March! Not sure if you picked up on this, but a couple of posts ago I mentioned Blake's cousins are getting married on our anniversary. Yeah, two cousins getting married on the same of Blake's and one of mine...same time too! Not sure yet how that will work out for us. God knows though. No need to worry.)
My sister, Arris (my cousin's wife) and my cousin Charity
Game Time!!
More games!!
My cousin Charity, her husband Neil and my mom
Can't wait until our next family get together!!