Sunday, March 18, 2012

Aubrey Rose turns FOUR!

Our little girl turned FOUR yesterday!  We had such a fun day celebrating together.  It feels like just yesterday I took this picture of her and she had just turned three.  Where has another year gone?
Aubrey Rose, this past year you became a big sister.  You absolutely LOVE this role.  You love helping your brother.  You love making him laugh.  I can't think of one time since he was born that I have asked you to do something in regards to him and you have turned me down.  You would do anything for him.  You are quite the protector of him too.  Always making sure he is safe.  It is so obvious that you love everything about being a big sister.

Below this was a picture, I took about a year ago of your work.  This still exemplifies our little girl.  You ask for me to help put the crown on your princess because you can't get it juuuuuuuuuust right.  You are turning out to be quite the little perfectionist.  Oh dear! 

I love watching you swim.  You are such a little fish.  You are already talking about swimming this summer and how you can't wait.  Just the other day you told me, "Mommy, I can't wait until the peaches start to grow and then we can go swimming and all my swimming friends can come over to swim!"  Me too!  It will be here before we know it!

You love all things princess and girlie.  This year was your first time going to Disneyland.  Oh my....You have definitely figured out the joy this place can bring.  Heaven on earth!  The last time we went you told me, "Mommy, I wish we could have Disneyland in our HOME!"

You do not like to be dirty.  No thank you!  Now a sandbox you can enjoy, but paint on your hands or anything further, you are not a fan of.  We recently went to a party and when most of the kids were covered in the science project fun within the first couple of minutes, you came to me at the very end of the party and almost cried when you had 3 drops of the white mud on your toes.  Oh dear.
You are so animated.  You love to perform.  To dance.  To sing.  You LOVE to stand up on any stage or even to create your own stage to perform your "talents." You sure make me laugh sweet girl.
 You can make your brother laugh more than anyone.  He giggles so good when you even come near.  You two play so adorably together.  You chase each other around the house, just giggling away.  I hope that continues forever.  :)

You LOVE to color and read.  I often come to check on you because it is WAY too quiet and you are just reading away.  It melts my heart.
Although year 3 to 4 brought on many challenges as far as discipline and figuring out what works and what doesn't, those moments fade away as I think about your sweet heart, your zest for life and your love for family and friends.  You are my sunshine every day.
I still can't believe how quickly we went from this....
 to this.  Happy 4th birthday sweet girl.  You brighten our every day.  We love you to the moon and back!!  


Margie Penner said...

So in love with your post and of course you and your little 4 year old!

Harold Penner said...

After Aubrey Rose's party, Aubrey Rose showed me her pink Bible and told me that she wanted to read to me. She opened it up and explained to me that the two columns on the right sided page were good and that the one column on the left page was bad. "Well, Aubrey Rose, what does the good side say?" She responded, Let the little children come to me and I am in their heart." and what about the bad page? Oh, Opa, that is about ghosts, and monsters and bad people. She tallied so convincingly and looked so intently at the page, that I am sure that it was all there! Opa