Saturday, March 24, 2012

Aubrey's Sweet Shoppe

Aubrey Rose turned FOUR on St. Patrick's Day.  It feels like just the other day we celebrated her turning ONE, TWO, and THREE.  Every birthday so far has been green, green everywhere!  Well, this year she had her own thoughts.  I knew it wouldn't last forever that we could choose whatever we wanted.  I just didn't know things would change already at 4.  :)   It might have been almost a year ago, that Aubrey told us, "Mommy, I don't want a green party. I want a PINK party."   (Oh, and her hand was for sure on her hip when she said this.)  So, for almost a year she has been telling me about her pink party.  Well, it finally came.  Pink, pink, everywhere.  And of course, we had to throw touches of green in since it was St. Patrick's Day.
 The invitation read..."Pink is the new green!"
Welcome to Aubrey's Sweet Shoppe!

We did have a couple of touches of green too.  :)
At Aubrey's Sweet Shoppe, the kids got to decorate a cookie with green or pink frosting.
My parents (on the left) and my siblings
Blake's parents (holding Austin) and his siblings
I am still laughing at this little girl because at the end of the party, we were cleaning up the house and Aubrey started talking about her next birthday party.  HA!!  Already???  She told us she decided she wanted next years party to be green.  Oh my goodness.  This girl cracks me up.
 In the midst of cleaning, we needed to take a couple of breaks too.  ;)
What a fun day.  I wish we live it over again.  :)  Happy Birthday little sunshine.