Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our March Birthday's

Blake's birthday is March 15 and Aubrey's is March 17. This year we decided to throw a dual birthday bash. We celebrated our 31 year old and 3 year old on St. Patrick's day with a crazy GREEN party!


Penner's and our cousin Jeremy

See...I told you we had a crazy GREEN party! Happy Birthday Blake!

This is Blake grandfather snuggling with Austin. So precious!
We had some wonderful friends and family help us join in the fun... Oh Jesse and Jeremy.
Sweet friends...Julie and Katie
I love watching our kiddos become good friends too.
My cousin, his wife and kiddos (and Blake!) :)
My sweet friend, Katie, who I met one of the first days of my freshman year in high school. (Getting close to 20 years ago! Oh my!) Now look at us as mommy's. Her little Grace is adorable.
My brother and little boy Jed
Blake and Christina

Linda, her parents and her brother
Jo, Nat, Ash and Christina they are a family of 4! With a little girl!

my cousins families

And to make it not just party for our little 3 year old. We decided to some Minute to Win It action! Have you watched that show on TV?? Soooo entertaining. Blake did all the prep for it. He even had a projector screen he used to show the tasks the competitors were going to do.
One of the first competitions was you had to take a cookie and with using NO hands you have to make the cookie go from your forehead to your mouth!

This one was quite entertaining.

Then, they had to stack a dozen nuts using a chopstick.

Jesse won that one. There were a bunch more competitions, but I didn't take more pictures.

Minute to Win It completed the birthday fun for the night. All good things come to an end! The entertaining thing to me, was it took Aubrey Rose about a week to understand her birthday was all over. She kept thinking she was going to have another birthday party tomorrow or the next day or the next. HA! No, sweet girl, just once a year. :)


Ahlem Family said...

We had such a fun night. Thanks so much for including us in the festivities!!! We loved getting to celebrate with all of you!!