Saturday, April 9, 2011

Little Update...

Time is flying by!! I can't believe it is almost EASTER! I have so much to catch you up on.

We have had BIRTHDAYS!

We have had Letter Days! Aubrey and Christopher finished the letter N! (Yes, I know I still have K,L, M and now N to fill you in on. Little by little, I will get there.)

N is for NEST!

Our little 6 week boy, (I know...can you believe Austin is already 6 weeks??!) he has been out of town 2 times in his first month! Once to Alameda to visit Auntie Christy and Uncle Aaron...

and another time to Carmel.

But, we have had some wonderful memories at home too!

Daddy getting pampered by Aubrey Rose...

Aubrey Rose has already been swimming in the pool! On this day, it was time for nap, but she just couldn't part with her princess floaty so she decided to bring it to nap with her.

As for Austin, he is fitting in perfectly into our family. He is almost 10 pounds, just starting to not fit into his newborn clothes. Although he had a little difficulty gaining weight his first month of life, I think there is no turning back for this guy.

Austin at 5 1/2 weeks