Friday, April 22, 2011

Teaching our kids about Jesus

One of my highlights of this past week was getting together with 2 of my cousins (they are actually my cousins wives, but I love them like my own). We got together to teach our kids about Jesus.

First we started with finding our sticks to make our cross. Then, we glued our "grass" to the plate.

Do you see Christopher's cross?
Aubrey Rose and myself
Andrea and Christopher
Arris and Jadon
Finished product...
Jesus died on the cross for us. His body was put in the tomb (an egg shell) and 3 days later the stone was pulled back and his body was gone. HE IS ALIVE!!!
I have kept our project on the table all week, and Aubrey Rose tells me the story now. That is my favorite part of when she tells me the story. Her eyes get all big and excited and she says, "Jesus is ALIVE!!" So precious! We did one other craft. You pretty much only need 2 ingredients...crescent rolls and marshmallows. You can find the recipe online, but I will try to describe it. (Sorry, we weren't focused on the tutorials this time.) :)
We took the marshmallows, rolled them in melted butter. Then, rolled them in cinnamon and sugar. Laid it on the crescent roll, wrapped it up and made the sides tight.

Resurrection Rolls
The marshmallow represents Jesus and the roll represents the tomb.
We baked as directed on the crescent roll container. I think 350 degrees for only 15 minutes. Oh, I forgot to tell you...we dipped the top of the rolls in butter and sprinkled more cinnamon and sugar on top. Yummy, yummy!

The greatest part is when we handed each child their roll, they opened it up and...Jesus was gone! He is ALIVE!!!

Not only did these tell Jesus' story, they were delicious too! :) The kids loved it and the best part is they definitely learned about Jesus and his life.

Here are Aubrey Rose, Christopher and Jadon with our craft.
You probably have everything needed for these at home or improvise with what you do have. So, call a friend or call a family member, get your kids together to teach your children about Jesus. It sure was fun to do together. I promise you, you will feel good.

What a sweet day!!!


Lacey Lehman said...

Thank you for sharing! I'm going to do this with Elyse next year when she is a little older!

Amy DiBuduo said...

Quite possibly the sweetest thing... can't wait to do this with Ella and Jack! :)

Lacey Lehman said...

Update... couldn't wait a year! Made them with Elyse today! Maybe she can't quite understand the resurrection yet, but she sure loved "annointing" Jesus in butter!