Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clovis Rodeo!

An annual Smittcamp family tradition is experiencing the Clovis Rodeo. I had never been to any rodeo before I met Blake. Now, the last weekend in April of every year, I know where I want to be!! We love it!!

On Thursday night, they have the PBR bull riding night. Aubrey Rose kept calling the bulls "bulldogs." If the bull got away, she would yell at the horses with the cowboys on them, "Horsey's...the bulldog is over dare!! GO get em!" Blair and Jordan
This was Austin's first rodeo. He slept through the entire thing!
Uncle Bradley and Aubrey Rose
Then Saturday there is the Clovis Rodeo Parade. We got to sit with some wonderful friends. This is Audrey. They are so cute together.
We also got to sit with our sweet friend Julie. Aubrey Rose calls her Juju. When Aubrey came home she kept saying "Juju's party was soooo fun!" HA!! Julie was so sweet and saved spots in front of her dad's office on Pollasky street and she brought drinks and snacks for friends. She is the best! So, Aubrey Rose thought Julie put on the whole "party!" HA!

Fun Clovis memories!