Friday, April 29, 2011

Cancer Free!!

Last week, we got the best news! It called for an immediate PARTY!!! We made a sign, blew up balloons, popped poppers, enjoyed some faith ice cream...BIG TIME excitement!! The reason for the party??
My dad found out he is CANCER FREE!! He was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer around November. He had surgery to remove it and now after his 3 month check up they found out he is free of cancer. PRAISE THE LORD!

Opa and Oma (my parents) with Austin, Aubrey Rose, and Jed
After we finished our party for Opa, Aubrey Rose decided we should throw a party for Auntie Christy (my sister). So, she did. She lined up the balloons just right and then said, "Surprise Titi!" Here is Opa and Aubrey Rose at Titi's surprise party. :)

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY today OPA!!! We love you soooooooooooo much!!