Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Blake and Aubrey Rose!

One of the first things that started our day on Aubrey Rose's 3rd birthday is a visit from Uncle Jesse, who Aubrey has sweetly named Gaga. Yeah, Gaga is his name now. Like Lady Gaga, but drop the Lady. HA!! We have no idea where she came up with it, but she did and it has stuck. Anyway, back to Aubrey's birthday. This was how we woke up. Having a St. Patrick's Day birthday, you have to scream the green. HA! Love it!

Then, we went to Tumble Class at Break the Barriers. LOVE THAT PLACE! Aubrey Rose has been so anxious to ride the horse. You only get to on your birthday. The teachers run you around in a lap as all the kids follow. It is so cute. And we had visitors to her class...
Some of the sweetest people we know.
Thank you for loving on our girl and being excited for the things that make her excited. You guys are the best!

After Aubrey's Tumble Class, we went over to Blake's parents house to pull the last minute details together for the birthday fun. My sweet in-laws let us use their home for some birthday fun to celebrate Blake and Aubrey. This year we decided to celebrate them on the same night since their birthdays are only 2 days apart. It turned out to be super fun! We can not thank you enough, Bill and Linda, for all your help to pull just about every detail together. Without you two, Blake and Aubrey Rose might have not been celebrated this year. HA!! Actually I am not joking, being so pregnant and then having a 2 week old newborn, I definitely know it would not have nearly what you blessed us THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!

The favors were clover shaped sugar cookies...sooooo yummy!

Linda created the fun decorations!

All the touches were soooo adorable.

Bill made the yummy drinks.
And the cupcakes...
More to come later on the rest of the party fun!