Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aubrey Rose's green party!

I never knew how much I could enjoy St. Patrick's Day parties until our little sunshine arrived 2 years ago on March 17th! Now I love green and I love celebrating with LOTS of green everything. :) So fun! Hopefully Aubrey Rose won't be mad at me forever that all of her birthday parties look the same. Green, green and green! HA!

I just LOVE my March babies! Happy Birthday you two!
Below is the best smile we got from Aubrey Rose. It's okay, I love her scrunchy little nose and squinty eyes too. :)
This was us WAITING for them to open up Pump It Up! I didn't think 30 minutes before the party was too early to come. Hmmm, I guess like 15 minutes is all people need. It all worked out perfect though in the end. Smooth sailing once the doors were opened. :)
My family Blake's family
My cousins rockin' their green!
Jo-Linda, Katie, Tamara and myself. We missed you Meg and Katie S!
Jen and her sweetie Cooper
Rob, Logan, Peyton, Christina, Blake and Bradley
Auntie Allie, Birthday Girl, Uncle Jesse
Tamara, Kim, Natalie and myself
Aubrey Rose, myself and Chelsey
Jessica, myself, Ashley and Natalie...and ALL of our girls!!! Yes, our girls are going to have AMAZING girlfriends too!! :)
Blake and Christina...
Love you guys!!
Jon, Christopher (upside down) :), Aaron, Andrea and Christy

The party room
The kids'meals were in the boxes.
Aubrey Rose is quite the fan of Capri Suns. :)
LOVE this sweet girl!

Happy 2nd Birthday Aubrey Rose!