Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blake's 30th Birth-DAY!

I think Blake’s 30th birthday will be a celebration he will not forget! It is kind of surprising to me how many celebrations he had in one week…it kind of felt like a month to me! HA!

The weekend before his birthday, we celebrated with a ski trip to Park City. We were able to go together with the Patricio’s and Donnelly’s. WHAT AN AWESOME TRIP!!! We have to do again SOON! Ha! :) We had a blast skiing, laughing, eating, more laughing, more eating, shopping, more skiing, little celebrity sighting excitement, fun birthday celebrations, more laughing and just fun, fun, fun together! Spending a whole weekend skiing in Park City, with some of your closest friends makes for an incredible 30th birthday weekend! Christina did a phenomenal post on our Park City memories here! Thank you to all of you for making it such a wonderful weekend! And thank you to all our babysitters!!!

As if that fun was not enough, there was MUCH more to come! Blake went to work on his birthday and was greeted with this...

Wawona (actually Kristi and Blake) have competitions with who can do the best job at "decorating" their desks for people's birthdays. Ummmm, I think they got Blake GOOOOOOD!!! HA!! You are loved Blake...that is for sure!
Aubrey Rose and I had to go see this for ourselves!

Kristi (the mastermind behind all the BRILLANT mess) and Aubrey Rose. Kristi, I am sooooooooooo impressed with your work!!!

For Blake's birthday lunch we went to one of his favorites (Red Robin) with my family and some of Blake's fam!

Us with Blake's sister and brother (Mom and Dad were in DC...we missed you guys!)

For dinner, we went over to Jesse and Allie's for a little pizza party and games

We celebrated Blake's birthday with our bible study group. We have been soooo blessed by this group of friends. We missed the Visser's little girls, but here is the rest of the crew!

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY Blake!!!
Aubrey Rose enjoyed Daddy's balloons for the week. She got so excited every time she turned the corner and there were more!

Little did this girl know that her birthday was 2 days after Daddy's b-day!!