Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kids Day 2010

I realize I have so much to catch up on, on our blog. I can't promise, but I have great intentions on posting about some fun memories from the last few weeks. We had a San Diego trip, lots of bridal showers, fun birthday parties, and more. But here is the most recent. Today was "Kids Day." Our local newspaper creates a special edition for our Central Valley Children's Hospital and the proceeds go to the hospital. The newspapers are sold for $1. Hundreds of volunteers help make it all come together. Lots of media attention. The hospital was hoping to raise about $400,000. We can't wait to hear about the final outcome! It was fun to be out there helping support our Children's Hospital.
Here we are with George the Giraffe (Children's Hospital mascot)

Aunt Blair, Aubrey Rose and George