Friday, March 26, 2010

Blake's 30th SURPRISE party!!

Can you guess what the theme was????

How about now? Now can you guess????

You got it! We had a Michael Jackson 30th bash for Blake! Blake has always been a huge fan of MJ's music and dancing talent. I remember WAY back when (and I know all my old roomies probably do too) having Blake over at our house and he was sitting on the couch watching not ESPN, not any kind of sporting event, not any random movies on HBO or whatever, but he was sitting there watching Michael Jackson's music videos. Yes, the MJ theme was perfect for his 30th birthday festivities! Here is the invite...

After probably too much planning and anticipation, the day finally arrived.
Aubrey Rose and I with our MJ cut out (waiting for Blake to arrive). HA!!

Yes my brother had the baby strapped to himself ALL night. HA! And Allie was MJ's plastic surgeon. I wish I would have gotten pictures of her file she brought. It was complete with before and after pictures. Very impressive, Allie!
Do you recognize this celebrity going to court?
Okay so my sister maybe should have had no smile and maybe a couple more in her entourage, but COME ON...that was GOOD!!! Love the creativity Aaron and Christy!
This was the surprise moment. So the blindfold and the guys picking him up from the office, might have blown our cover, but believe me he had NO idea what was in store!
We looked up at saw....
MJ hanging the baby over the balcony.
Aubrey Rose was quite the trooper allowing us to not let the paparazzi she her face. :)
We had a dressing room, complete with 2 outfits for Blake to choose from.
Ladies and Gentlemen, MJ was at our house that night! Pretty good, don't you agree?!!
Such a fun night!!
Blake's family
My family
Garrett, Josh, Blake's parents and the birthday boy!
Helena, Kari, Ashley and Natalie
Love you girls...Katie S., Katie D., Jo-Linda, Meg and myself
Love these girls too! Ashley, myself, Jessica and Natalie
Jon and Andrea (my cousins) out did yourself! LOVED your outfits, loved your creative gifts, LOVE YOU!!!
They framed a bunch of pictures of MJ and Blake. It was hilarious to see their flawless work and for Blake to "Remember The Time" HA!
We don't remember where we were, but obviously we were there. :)
Again, I don't remember MJ being with us that day, but here we are on our wedding day with MJ by our side :)
And one more of Blake and his buddy. Love it Jon and Andrea!
Blake voluntarily had a costume change. :) He is now Thriller blowing out the candles!
My brother won for Most Creative MJ. In the picture he is holding the baby (like a responsible daddy would), but he actually had it strapped to him. Sometimes, through out the night, he would just let his hands go and.....yes, a crowd pleaser. :)
Travis won for Best MJ...there were many amazing MJ's that night, but we all agreed the leather pants kind of stepped him up a notch. Well done Travis. Well done.
Our wonderful friends...Tommy and Janay
A bunch of cousins from my dad's side of the family.
Blake, Luke and Becca were trying to create a picture worthy of Luke and Becca's wedding slideshow. Hmmm, I am not sure if this one made the cut. :)
Sweet friends and family...Chelsey, Christina, Blair, Ashley and Katie
Andrea, myself, my mom and Chelsey
Some of the girls, with MJ...
Some of the boys, with MJ...
That's right Blake...we LOVE YOU!! Happy Birthday!
I think Blake might have recruited some new MJ fans. Just so you all know, there is a MJ Fan Club on Facebook!! Woot! Woot!
Thank you to everyone who helped pull this party off! Everything from the surprise details, the decor, setting up, the AMAZING food, the music, the invitations, cleaning up, and especially Blake's favorite, all of you dressing the was a HUGE success. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

K, I can't believe you don't have any comments on this. YOU did a FABULOUS job!! Everything from the PERFECT invitation - that you wanted to read (and listen to) over and over to the MJ wardrobe set up for him! You are such a great wife and it was so much fun and you should throw parties more often!! ;) You know we'll be there with bells on!!! ;) Love you!