Sunday, October 28, 2012

A special fashion show...

Blake's sister, Blair, might not admit to it, but she is quite the professional model.  I love watching her on the runway because not only is she absolutely stunning, she also makes it look so effortless. Blair was a model in the St. Agnes Fashion Show yesterday.
Guess who else got to be a model with Blair?  Aubrey Rose!!  This is her second time getting to be in a fashion show with Auntie Blair.  The first time was HERE when she was a flower girl for a bridal show.  At the rehearsal the night before and the day of the event, I kept wondering if this giant stage would get this 4 year old nervous at any point.
That girl walked as though she wished the runway was even longer.
 Most of the time, she had her hand on her hip and she was workin' it!
 She also got to be in the costume scene.
She was my favorite out there.  :-)

Aubrey Rose, it was so fun to watch you walk down the runway and see the biggest, brightest smile upon your face.  I honestly couldn't believe how much you loved every step of it.  The night before, you told me you "think you are going to let everyone behind you pass you, so you could dance and tap down the runway by yourself." HA!!  I love you sweet girl.  You make me smile every day.
 Aubrey's little fan club that day...
 Aubrey's favorite Auntie BB.  Thank you Blair for inviting us to join in the fun!!


Karen said...

NO WAY!!! That very first dress that Blair is wearing is the exact same dress that Kiersten wore for prom this past year!! Go back and look at her FB pics! What a fun day for Aubrey Rose!

Love you guys!!