Friday, October 26, 2012


Fridays around here are our most mellow days of the week.  
No school, no gymnastics...just the three of us together.
 It's my favorite kind of mommy day! 
We enjoy going to the park or feeding the ducks.
We like to color,
practice writing our letters, and doing puzzles.
One of our favorite things to do is read books together.
Sometimes we have play dates,
but one of our highlights is when Daddy comes home for lunch!
On Fridays, I like to do our laundry or clean the house.
My favorite is when I have my little helper helping.  :)

I try to get all of the errands done throughout the week, 
so we usually try to stick pretty close to home.
When Fridays come around we all welcome the morning with big smiles,
 and we are ready to tackle the day.  :)  HA!!
Yay for Friday!!  :)