Sunday, June 16, 2013

Aubrey Rose graduated!

It is fun and also weird at the same time to watch a season of our lives turn a big page.  For the past two years Aubrey Rose has been going to a preschool just down the street from our home for a couple of mornings a week.  Aubrey's school also shares a parking lot with Daddy's work.  It has been such a special time for our family.  We have had a wonderful experience.  
Aubrey Rose has grown up so much since that day we started preschool two years ago.

I am going to miss so much about it.  Her teachers have been so incredible for our little girl.  They have helped shape her in ways we have been so very thankful for.  
 Leading up to graduation, I asked Aubrey Rose if she was sad she was graduating.  
She said, "No, I am happy Mom!!"
When she told me she was happy, my first thought was, "Thank you Lord."  Thank you for the sweet reminder that this is something to enjoy, so I choose to be so happy with her, even if my mommy heart wonders where the time has gone. 
Auntie Blair and Aubrey Rose

 Aubrey Rose is so anxious and excited to start Kindergarten this fall.  
 She is all signed up and registered to be a Century Tiger.
 She can't wait to be in Kindergarten.
 I just pray her experience, and our experience, is as wonderful as her preschool years have been.
Congratulations, Aubrey Rose!!!  WE are so proud of you!!