Thursday, June 6, 2013

Swim lessons for Austin

We have been loving the pool time already and we are anxious for our swim friends to start coming weekly.  
Austin started swim lessons this week.  3 lessons down!  YAY!  So far, we are seeing two completely different swimmers in our family.  Aubrey was a fish from the first second.  She might have cried the first lesson a tiny bit but that was it.  At 2 years old, Aubrey Rose was swimming across the short length of the pool.  She could jump off the side of the pool, swim across the whole pool to the steps.  Here is some video of her at 2 years, 3 months old swimming.  

Austin, on the other hand, LOOOOVES the water too, but loves the pool from the first or second step.  He will play in the water all day, but he will stay on the steps and be completely content going no further.  Swim lessons have not been too enjoyable for him yet, but each day we see progress.  

This was Austin on day one....
that's as far as he went for about 15 minutes.
 No big smiles from our smiley little boy after his first lesson.
 Not sure what it is about their medal podium, 
but after multiple tries to get a good picture of him on it yesterday, this was the best...
 Maybe he was reminiscing of when he got his medal last year in 2012????
Hmmmm....who knows.
But, after the third lesson, we got a smile out of him.
Baby steps and maybe someday he will out swim his favorite sissy.  ;)