Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Oma!

Today is my mom's birthday! We were able to join her for breakfast. Her and her girls. It was so fun. Aubrey Rose was dressed in her birthday attire. A couple of people thought it was Aubrey Rose's birthday.

Aubrey Rose with the birthday girl Oma

My sister, Aubrey Rose, myself and my mom

A couple of nights ago, we celebrated her and her birthday in a fun way. My sister, my brother, our spouses, along with Mom and Dad, got together to celebrate "Mom style." We thought she would enjoy watching old home videos from when we grew up. She LOVED it! We ordered dinner in, ate on the couch and watched home videos. It was perfect! We would laugh and then Aubrey Rose would laugh and we would all laugh again. Happy Birthday Mom!! Dinner is was pretty fun. It was a wonderful evening celebrating such a special lady. Happy Birthday Oma!