Monday, July 16, 2012


Austin James...
You are 17 months old.  
You don't have a ton of words yet,
But you have enough words to get the job done.  :)  
You barely ever call us Mama or Dada, 
but you say "Vroom, Vroom" or "Woof, woof" probably 100 times a day.
You did just recently start calling Aubrey Rose, "Sissy."
You absolutely adore your sister.
It melts my heart.
You absolutely love it when the music plays.
One of your favorite things to do, is to dance.
Your daddy sure is proud of the way you move like Jagger.  HA!
We call you our little bruiser.
You have to climb up onto everything and
you love to make messes.  :)
 It is very rare to see you without a bruise or a scratch.
I wish I had some good stories to tell about the boo-boo's,
but most of them are just from walking and then falling!
You LOVE to be outside.
You love to get dirty or play in the water. 
You absolutely LOVE to read books.
You find the trucks, tractors, cars, motorcycles, etc...
Anything with wheels.
You find them in every book.
You have NO interest AT ALL in any of the other pages. 
If it is book about animals,
you find the "woof, woof's" and the "quack, quacks" and you only look at those pages.
You have no interest in the bears, tigers, pigs or sheep...just dogs and ducks.
Cracks me up.
You love our own dogs and you love seeing the ducks across the street every day,
so I guess it makes sense, but it still cracks me up.  :)
Austin you are quite the smiley boy.
I am not sure how you are even smiling these days. 
You are currently working on 6 new teeth all at once!!!  
You have been having a hard time sleeping.  
You have not been enjoying eating as much.  
You have been difficult to console.  
We actually went to the doctor to get your ears checked out.
We found out you have 6 teeth you are working on.  
I knew of four, but six???  Really?  Poor little guy.  
You keep smiling though!  We love it.
One of your best buddies in the world, besides your sister,
is definitely your cousin, Jedidiah.
You two are adorable together.
Where one is, the other is right there too.
You sure can bicker like the best of them though.  HA!!
No matter what,
whether you are inside or outside,
you two stick very close together.
Sometimes too close!!
There are so many things you LOVE to do.
I am not sure how you would rank them all.
However, I am pretty sure you would put sitting in the cars drivers seat at #1.
Do not ever leave a door open to your car, 
unless you want to prey his sweet, little hands off the steering wheel.
Unwillingly.  :)
It doesn't matter what door is open.
Austin will find it.
He will somehow get to the front seat in maybe 2.5 seconds 
and he will be pretending he is a Nascar driver at the wheel.
I think you are going to be a car boy.
One of your favorites is speed, 
well one of my favorites is watching you sleep.  :)
So peaceful.
So cute.
My favorite is when you put your bottom in the air
and tuck your knees up.
Can't get enough of you!
We sure love you little boy.
You melt my heart.
When I look at those adorable brown eyes I can't help but smile, 
and praise the Lord for every day we get to spend with you.


The Penner Clan said...

Great post!!! I love that little boy too!!!
Auntie Alla!