Thursday, July 26, 2012

On the road again...

We have been on the road having fun!  In a matter of 15 days, we will have been home for 5!  July has been BUSY!!!  Just a day here and a day there at home to unpack, do laundry and pack up again!

The morning after Aubrey Rose was an adorable flower girl, Blake flew to Denver for work and I packed the kids up to go visit my sister and bro-in-law in Alameda. I was definitely glad we went.  It was fun to see their new place and to enjoy their world.  LOVE it there!!  I wish we could pick up our house and all the peach orchards and move there!  :)
Thank you Auntie Christy and Uncle Aaron for your patience helping me with the meals, around the house, in and out of the car, everything!  Thank you so much!!!
 My sister planned a fun outing for the kids to Fairyland.  (For Fresno friends, this is very similar to Storyland.)  Aubrey Rose LOVED it!!  Austin loved it too, but for a 4 year old, it was a perfect place to spend the day.
 TWO days later, we packed back up in the car and drove to Carmel to visit my parents.  We relaxed, we walked, we looked for seashells, we relaxed some more and Mom and I even got to escape during the kids naps and enjoy girl time!
Thanks Mom and Dad for being an extra couple of hands and loving on our little ones the way you do.  We are so thankful for you!!
We were home for 2 days,
then back on the road to Monterey and Salinas with Blake's family...
I love going to the Salinas Rodeo.  The events they have are so entertaining to watch.  I love it!!  Austin wore a shirt to the rodeo that Linda made for Blake when he was a baby.  It was so cute!  He is getting to be such a little man.  
We loved being all together!  I am so bummed we didn't get a group shot of everyone though!  Guess we need to plan our next trip already.  ;)  Thank you Big Papa and Mimi for spoiling us and making the trip a wonderful, refreshing time away.  What a treat in the middle of peach season!!! 
Home for 3 days and now we are packing for Atlanta.  All of this in the middle of peach season.  WHEW!!!  Go, go, go!  :)