Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Miss Sami's Wedding

One of our favorite babysitters got married about 2 weeks ago.  She asked Aubrey Rose to be one of her flower girls.  Aubrey loved EVERYTHING about being a flower girl.  She loved walking down the aisle and standing up in front with the beautiful girls.  She loved her dress.  She loved the way it twirled.  Even the color of her dress.  :)  She loved following Miss Sami everywhere.  She didn't want Miss Sami to be out of her sight...EVER.  :) She loved dancing with Miss Sami.   She loved passing out bubbles.  She also loved taking pictures, especially with Miss Sami.  Miss Sami was the SWEETEST to Aubrey Rose, holding her hand and letting her be apart of her special day in such a special way.  Christian, Sami's husband, was beyond cute with Aubrey too.  We love both of them! 
We are so excited for Christian and Sami.  They are going to be starting their new life in Germany.  He already had to go back, since that is where he is stationed.  I am so happy for them, but selfishly we are going to miss them!!  Everything about their special day was so beautiful!  I loved all the details.
 We danced the night away.  Actually, Blake and Aubrey Rose danced the night away.  They would not stop.  It was such a fun night.  At 11pm, Aubrey cried because she didn't want us to leave Mrs. Sami.  :(  She loved everything about being a flower girl.  Thank you Sami and Christian for choosing our little girl to be apart of your wedding in such a special way!!  We love you guys!!