Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First day!

Today Aubrey Rose started pre-K school.  Oh boy, was Aubrey Rose excited this morning!!  (And I am not exaggerating at all.)  She was jumping up and down, skipping where she went and smiling the biggest smile.  She was so excited to see her friends, to see her last years teacher and to go back to school!  Here we are this morning before we walked to school.  
Our favorite part of our walk is when we get to walk through our peach orchards and check on our peaches.  We love it!
 Then, we dropped Aubrey off at school.  Here she is posing in front of the school's sign.  Oh that girl.  ;)
It was so fun when she came home to hear about the fun she had and about friends she missed.  She said her favorite part was when her teacher let them play outside.  She said outside she "got to play and go wherever she wanted to go."  
Then Aubrey Rose came home to her new cousin Riley
and the boys playing outside.  What a wonderful day and a great way to start out a new school year!