Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Girly things...

Yesterday I posted about some of Austin's favorite things! Tractors!  Today is about some of Aubrey's favorite things.  Weddings, tea parties, coloring, and picnics...
Aubrey Rose loves to play "wedding."  She asks Oma if she can try on the wedding dress.  (Her "wedding dress" is actually my flower girl dress from my Aunt Rose's wedding.)  On this day she talked my mom into trying on HER wedding dress too!!!
So we had a little wedding together!  Opa and Oma got married again and here is their flower girl.  Umm, it was the cutest thing ever.  :)
Aubrey also LOVES to have tea parties.
 and her coloring is getting better and better!
On this day she had a "picnic" with her "friends" while she read the bible to them.  Melted my heart!

And while girls will be girls, boys will be boys (way in the background) playing in the water and making messes.  :)
God is so amazing how he created us all.


Anonymous said...

So cute, Cherie! I had forgotten that day! Love it!