Thursday, August 16, 2012

Their Sweet Shoppe...

Sometimes we just have to switch things up in our house.
It always surprises and entertains me how 
if we simply move toys from 
upstairs to downstairs, 
or even from room to room,
it is as if we they have never played with the toys before.
I love it!
The kids love it!
Hours of entertainment.
Perfect solution for us all.  :)

Welcome to...
Austin and Aubrey's Sweet Shoppe.

Sorry for the lovely, dark Iphone pics.  :)
We had customers,
real human ones as well as,
stuffed animal friends.
We collected all of our desserts and sweets from our kitchen.
Aubrey was the first customer,
but after that she took over as the owner.
She was in her own little heaven.
After hours of playing in their Sweet Shoppe,
(very well together I might add)
I noticed Aubrey erasing the top left writing that she had done on our sign.
I asked her what she was doing.  
She said she "was erasing Austin's name.  He wasn't playing right anymore.  
He is throwing all the sweets and drinks all over."

Ah, yes... just one of the many reasons I love them having a sibling to play with.  
Oh, the lessons we learn together.  :)
So even though at the end of the day, 
Aubrey only wanted the Sweet Shoppe to be hers, 
it was well worth the fun of switching things up a little.