Monday, April 12, 2010

Amazing concert!!

Saturday night we were blessed to be able to watch Taylor Swift in concert. What a concert!! I think she definitely deserves Entertainer of the Year. It truly was a fantastic performance! She is just a classy girl who interacted more with the fans than I have ever seen. One of my favorite parts was when she went back for an outfit change and ended up right in the middle of the crowds! She sang a song from there and then SLOWLY made her way down the aisle hugging EVERY fan along the way. Then, she went down all the stairs of that section...still hugging every fan...then across the entire floor, hugging more fans...until she got to the stage. It was pretty neat to see!

Even though we didn't get to sit with everyone at the concert, since we got our tickets all separately, it sure was fun to eat before hand at Dog House and walk over to the concert. So fun! (Our husbands were there, but I have no proof of all of them! HA! It kind of looks like a girls night out with Taylor!)
Kellie Pickler opened for Taylor The poor girl broke her ankle the night before so she was stuck on her barstool. Even though she didn't move, I still REALLY enjoyed her performance.
Then, Taylor opened! So fun!!
Singing in the crowd
The second to last song
And then the last fun!! One of my other favorite parts of her concert was the last song when she sang under water pouring down on top of her. How fun would that be to pour your heart and soul out for your fans for two hours and then be refreshed like this...

SUPER fun night!!!