Monday, April 5, 2010

Big girl blessing

Big girl pig tails and big girl panties!
So maybe both of these are still a work in progress.
Someday Aubrey Rose will master both.
Until then she will continue to look oh so cute...success or not! :)

I had to document the first pig tails. It just happened to be the first week she was rockin' big girl panties, too! (She has been rockin' them for about 2 weeks now.) Couple of accidents here and there, but hey little by little, we will get there.There will be a day when these things will come naturally. Until then, when asked how old she is, she will answer "twoooo" and hold up five fingers. Yes, five fingers. Just like this...
It's okay that holding up two fingers seems tricky because we know everyone has their own strengths and skills. Among others, multi-tasking has been accomplished... as well as sweet, treasured friendships growing daily with so many.

Praise the Lord for the miracle of sweet, little ones who grow to be such BIG blessings!