Saturday, April 3, 2010


Blake and I need some advice. BIG time advice. What would you do if your neighbors did THIS to YOUR trees?
Yes, these huge, beautiful redwood trees are now bare COMPLETELY on one side of the tree. Our side is lush and normal. Our neighbors side is bare and NOTHING!
Below is a picture of the trees from the street view. The neighbors had ALL of the branches chopped off from bottom of the tree to the very tip, tip top.
In the picture above, our property is on the right. (The redwood trees are ours.) The palm trees are theirs.

Below is a picture from inside our property. The flip view of the previous picture.
I don't even think pictures can do this justice. I wish you could all see for yourselves in person.
Our neighbors cut ALL of the branches anywhere near the dividing fence. In the picture below, you can see our almond tree is chopped off and then look further down to our plum trees and the tall redwood trees.
The flip view of our almond tree.
The picture below is NOT our property. This is the tree behind the neighbors who cut our branches off. So they did this same thing to the neighbors behind them too!!
Anyone have some advice for us? I would LOVE your comments, thoughts and opinions. PLEASE!!!


Kristin said...

Cherie...that is SOOOOOOO not right! Unfortunately I don't have any advice but I am very angry for you! They obviously had to come into your yard and do that. I believe that people have the right to trim the parts of the tree that hang over the fence, into their yard. Your neighbors went WAY beyond that...they damaged the trees in your own yard. I am so sorry!!!!!!!!

Kylie said...

I would understand if they had certain branches they wanted to trim that hung over their property. Our neighbor had trees like that but we went and ASKED him if he minded if we trimmed some branches away. And we trimmed. Your neighbors butchered. They went way beyond. I cannot believe they didn't ask! I would definitely confront them.

Natalie said...

I know that you are only allowed to trim the branch's that come over the property line and that is SOOOO far over. They crossed your property line to do that. Wheather they actually came on your propery or leaned over it was YOUR's!!! I would look into recourse because I'm wondering if it will damage your trees??