Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sweet Maui memories...

Maui is one of Blake and my favorite places to visit. This past week, we were blessed to be able to experience some new Maui memories with some of the most amazing friends! Praise the Lord for the amazing views, tons of laughter, probably TOO much relaxation, DEFINITELY too much sun, wonderful memories, amazing friends, phenomenal grandparents to watch our kids, and a week full of sweet Maui memories!
First, we had to leave our little sunshine. My mom was teaching Aubrey Rose how to cry to show Blake and I how "sad" she was to see us go. It actually helped make me smile as we drove away. :)

After that we met up with our friends...actually they are family too...Rob and Katie! This is Katie (Blake's cousin) and her husband, Rob. They have become such dear friends! LOVE them!!And we met up with the Patricio's (in the picture below). Blake and Garrett are brothers and these are their wonderful wives. We are all still amazed at how God brought our worlds together. (Blind date 3 1/2 years ago...AMAZING!!) We don't know how we ever lived without these four!!!! Love you guys sooooooo much!!!
One of our FAVORITE nights was dinner at Sansei in Kapalua. Soooooo fun and SUCH yummy food!!

Fun memories in Lahaina

Tommy Bahamas in Wailea
And of course pool side, at our resort, where we spent majority of our days.
Yes, Garrett and Blake got matching board shorts. Yes, they wore them on the same day. Yes, they were asked if they were brothers. Yes, we laughed at (and with) them all day! HA!!!
Ahhhh, if only we could move ALL of our loved ones to Maui. Then again, if we did we wouldn't appreciate it as much as we do. Praise the Lord for sweet Maui memories! Such a fun week!!