Friday, October 29, 2010

Bittersweet Move

My sister and her husband recently moved to Alameda, CA. Bittersweet for sure! Aaron got a phenomenal job offer and the beautiful bay started calling their names. I cried when they left. I am going to miss them being in Fresno. We sure were spoiled the past few years with everyone from my family in one city. Praise the Lord it is only a short 3 or so hour drive. I am so happy for their new adventure, this new season in their lives, but it is definitely bittersweet. We will miss the weekly family nights all together and just miss them in general, but I am also excited to see what God has planned for them and how long until they move back home. HA!!

We took this picture the night before they left...

Aaron and Christy are already enjoying their new life in the Bay. I can't wait to get a tour of my sister's new city!

Thank goodness for the holidays coming up! We have multiple family get togethers already planned that we won't go more than a couple of weeks without seeing Aaron and Christy. Thank goodness!! I am already missing them!