Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our bunnies...

One of the first times Blake and I previewed our new (I say new but we have already lived here 2 years now!) house together we found a bunny in the front yard. It melted my heart! I love bunnies. I have always thought they are so cute. Now we have 3 bunnies! We have yet to find out if anyone actually owns these. I think they are just our neighborhood bunnies! And they are multiplying!!! There used to be the black and white ones and then they had 2 brown bunnies. Soooo adorable! We haven't seen the 2nd bunny in a LONG time, so we think something happened to him.
I took this picture a couple of mornings ago. There were all 3 right outside our front porch.
Aubrey Rose is a HUGE fan of her bunnies too! The only bad thing is they eat our pretty flowers! But we just LOVE having them around!