Sunday, October 17, 2010

Carving pumpkins

We carved pumpkins with Auntie Allie this week. My brother's wife, Allie, is on bed rest right now. She is due the middle of December. We went over and brought a little entertainment for Allie. Aubrey Rose enjoyed it, however she did not touch ANYTHING besides the outside of the pumpkins and the tools that were used. HA! Turns out we didn't even need to put plastic down for the mess. Who would have known?!! HA!!

Aubrey Rose watched Blake and Allie carve the pumpkins, while she organized the tools. She matched all the yellows tools together. The pumpkin scoopers were all in their correct stack. Everything had its place. Oh goodness! Another perfection in the family. She did tell us she was "scooping" her pumpkin out. She actually did everything to her pumpkin that Daddy and Auntie Allie were doing except her pumpkin was not never opened. HA! Final product...Blake's and Allie's