Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tap, Tap, Tap

Aubrey Rose went to her first dance class. She is still talking about it! And more than likely, if you asked her, she would probably "perform" for you what she learned at her class. First, she will stand on her tippy toes for you like a ballerina. Next, she will put her feet out one by one, and say "tap, tap, tap." Dance class and all the tutus were BEYOND adorable. God knew I needed a little girl. :)
It made it even more special to have one of Aubrey Rose's favorite friends, Taylor, in the same class.The girls held hands almost the entire class. I told you...BEYOND adorable.

For being 2 1/2 and this being her first dance class, I was pretty impressed with her attentiveness to the teacher. Taylor and Peyton were trying to show us their stamps they got on their hands. So cute!
This picture below cracked me up. "No more pictures please, Mommy. I am trying to focus."