Friday, October 28, 2011

8 months

Our little man, you are getting so big.  It is starting to get tricky to take posed pictures of you!  You are so fast!
 Austin, you are getting into EVERYTHING!!  You are pulling out ANYTHING you can get your hands on. And of course, it goes straight to your mouth.  Your sister has cried multiple times because you have ruined a couple of her things.  One time she had spent a really LONG time working on and coloring a "map."  When she walked away, you found it, crumbled it all up with your hands and then proceeded to eat it.  Oh, she lost it.  She was so sad and told everyone about it for days.
 Your work is amazing.  I leave you for one minute and come back to this!  Goodness!  I am telling you, you and super fast!  
Austin, EVERYTHING you get into your hands is going straight into your mouth.  I forget how long this phase takes!  What I do know is we have a very long way to go!  It is not good that I am already anxious for this season to be past us.  Ha!! 
You are getting quite adventurous.  The more adventurous you get, the more you get stuck.  And then when you get stuck, you get really MAD!  For some reason you were stuck under this table.  You tried to get up, the table would bonk your head.  You tried over and over again, until I came and saved you.  You make me laugh!
Aubrey Rose's toys often get in your way too...
Obviously, this one was really frustrating...
 but my favorite was this day you could not figure out how to get yourself free from this chair.  That bar on the chair really stumped you, and boy were you MAD!!!
You can be rather tricky to feed.  Some days you want to be spoon fed (and only spoon fed) and other days you just want to feed yourself.
However, the one thing you really love to do, no matter the day, you LOVE to bang your hands on your high chair tray.  
Your sister absolutely loves helping you with anything.  She also likes to pick you up and carry you anywhere (whether you want to go or not).  You two are adorable when you play together.  Aubrey Rose crawls on her hands and knees just like you and you guys go all over the house.  She tells you, "Aww-tin, I gonna tickle you.  I gonna git chu."  And you just giggle and laugh, trying to crawl away as fast as you can!  Usually your super speed can't go fast enough, your sissy is just a little faster.  I love watching the two of you together.  Melts my heart!!
Your smile melts my heart too.
 You have officially found the stairs and have conquered them all (with us right behind you of course)  many times.  You LOVE the stairs!
No teeth yet, but it has been weeks now that I have been wondering if you are teething.  Nothing yet though!  For about a month you were sleeping EXCELLENT!  You would sleep from 7pm-7am and you would take two good naps during the day (at least 1 1/2-2 hours each).  Lately though, for probably 2 weeks you have enjoyed giving us a lovely wake up call at about 5am.   But, then you go back to sleep after a bottle until 7am.  
 Every day that passes you look more and more like a little boy.  Not much baby left!  :(
 I can't believe you are 8 months old.  Time is flying and it is definitely bittersweet.
One thing is for sure, we are loving every second we get with you!  (Even if it includes spit up, poop, or tears)  :)  We love you Austin James!!


Karen said...

I love how you leave him screamin' mad while you grab your camera to capture the Kodak moment!! We love and miss you all. Thanks for keeping this blog so we can stay connected!