Thursday, October 20, 2011

Born with it...

When Aubrey Rose was born, she was my bald baby.  :) 
Even at 7 months she had nothing...

At 15 months, Aubrey Rose still had NO hair!

FINALLY at 18 months...yes, a year and a half...
we finally had little curls and we could put a clip in her bangs.

However, when Austin was born, I was not only shocked he was a boy, 
but I was also absolutely shocked with ALL THAT HAIR!!!

At 3 months, Austin's hair was still pretty thick.
 Even at 4 months, he had plenty of hair.
At 5 months, we realized he had lost it all.
Can you believe that???!!!  Yeah, neither could we.  :)
(Don't worry, you don't have to sugar coat this for us.  
We might be biased parents, but we are not oblivious!  HA!!)

Now at almost 8 months, he has grown all new hair and it is coming in lighter!  Not blonde, but not dark like what he was born with.
 Big Sister's hair turned out just fine...
so we aren't worried at all about this little guy.
But, we definitely learned it sure doesn't matter what you are born with...