Thursday, October 6, 2011

Letter S

We still are enjoying our Letter Days.  WAAAAAAAY back at the letter F, we told our hubby's we would like to see them tackle a letter.  Any letter they want to choose!  We told them we want to watch them juggle two kiddos, two babies, teaching the older ones, keeping the younger ones fed and safe, all the while taking pictures through out each step.  

Well, their day finally came.  They chose the letter S.
 Not going to lie, Andrea and I did wonder if the dad's might focus their whole day on S for SLEEP, but no matter what us moms thought this was an excellent idea!!

Aubrey Rose waited for one hour at the door for Christopher.  I am not exaggerating!  She picked out all of her clothes.  S for SILLY!! 
 Jon and Christopher walked in looking prepared.
This is when us mom's start getting impressed!  They full on bust out an itinerary!!!
And a letter S poster!!!
Their first craft was painting an S.  One of my favorite memories was watching the dads start this art project.  They wanted to make pink paint for Aubrey Rose.  They decided to mix red paint and white GLUE together!  Yes, glue!!  
It was hilarious.  On our letter days Andrea and I definitely do things on a whim, but these guys were so entertaining to watch how they pulled things together.  Maybe not the way we would have, but it was awesome to watch them work.  

Then, since both of our last names start with S, they glued family pictures to the S.
 Next up, the dad's had planned a field trip!!!!
We went to a church and they kids got to SING on the STAGE!!!!