Sunday, October 2, 2011

Go Dogs!

I realize I have been little MIA.  Sorry about that.  Not sure where September went!!  I feel like I was just treading water the whole month trying to get a handle on life with two MOVING, busy, fun kiddos.  I am just going to pick up at the most recent and hopefully get a chance to backtrack along the way!  You don't mind, do you??? 

 Last night the four of us got to go to a Fresno State game!  GO DOGS!!  It was our first football game as a family of four! 
 Do you recognize this baby with a headband on???  Yep, this is Aubrey Rose wearing the same outfit Austin wore to the game.  Auntie Blair gave it to us before either of them were born and now they have both been able to wear it!  Thanks Auntie B.B.!
Above is Aubrey Rose and below is Austin in the same outfit!  :)
 Austin is 7 months and Aubrey Rose is 3 1/2....Time is flying!!!
 Daddy and Austin at Austin's first football game
 We got to sit near Blake's cousins, Rob and Katie and at halftime Blair and Julie came by!!!  It was so fun to all be together!!  Go Dogs!!!