Thursday, December 20, 2012

More Christmas memories...

Things have been busy around here.  Checking off our lists.  Trying to fit in the fun Christmas traditions and all the Christmas parties.  These are some of the every day moments that have happened around here...

We got to enjoy Clovis' Christmas Electric Parade.  We all loved it! 
Oma offered to watch the kids while I ran errands.  Whoo hoo!!  Thanks Mom!
This plasma car is quite the hit at Oma's house.  
 Little missy got to have a special date with Oma.  They got to watch the Nutcracker together!  Aubrey came home practicing her ballet all afternoon.  Thank you Oma!
 We got Aubrey Rose's preschool pictures back and she looked way too old to me!
 We love any time we get to spend with Mimi!!
Austin love, love, loves books, especially when someone will read them to him.  ;) 
Opa is always so patient with his grandkids.
Together as a family, we helped Daddy put up the lights on the house IN THE RAIN!!!
Austin decided to stay inside where it was warm and dry.  ;)
Here is Austin at Oma's house helping fix her lights, just like Daddy does.  :)
Such a dark picture (sorry about that), but a fun memory nonetheless.  Each day for the month of December, we have done something fun together as a family.  Everything from building forts and eating dinner in it to watching Christmas movies or writing a card to someone and mailing it them.  Aubrey Rose has LOVED opening up the door each morning to read what we get to do that day as a family.  Fun tradition to continue each year!