Friday, December 28, 2012

Our gingerbread competition

Our Christmas festivities was four straight days of Christmas fun!
Day One...started with a big bang with my extended family.

We had an intense gingerbread house competition at my parents home.  I can tell it needs to be a tradition each year.  We had rules.  Many rules (because we knew our family needed them).  :)  We had a start time and an end time.  Graham crackers and frosting were provided.  Each person brought a specified candy.  Glue guns were used to speed up the process.  You could compete as an individual or a couple or a family.  You could bring ONE tool, decoration, or object to help enhance your house.  
It. Was. Awesome.

It. Was. Intense. 
It was soooooo much fun!
Dave and Arris' finished house
 Here is our log cabin!  :)
Complete with a bench and campfire...
 My brother, his wife and our cousin Becca made their Extreme Gingerbread Makeover.
 My cousins made the manger scene.

And here are all the little cousins in their Christmas pj's...
I have to mention the results because they are worth mentioning.  :)
About 4 hours later when we got back together for dinner, Dave and Arris' house had collapsed...
And the poor angel went to heaven....
Each person got to cast their vote and the winner was...
 Our log cabin!!!
Blake, Chelsey and I won!!
And we won by a LANDSLIDE!!!  Oh yeah!!!
Our prize for winning was we got to be the last steal on our gift exchange.  
Whooooo hooooo!!!
Can't wait for next year!