Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas party time!

We got to go to one of our FAVORITE Christmas parties again this year.  Aubrey was TWO her first year we went and then THREE last year and now she is FOUR...
 Santa visits and brings each child a gift...
 When it was Austin's turn to meet Santa, he got this close to him,
then turned and walked the other way...
He quickly turned happy though when he saw what Santa brought him.
 Aubrey was in heaven as well...
 She was trying to listen to the story.  
She couldn't hear it because the party was too loud and fun!
 Mimi and Big Papa looked smashingly adorable!
 Aubrey got to be an angel in the birth of Jesus' play.
 It was too cute!
 All of 2012 cast...love it!
 The night was busy making sure our almost 2 year old was going only where he should be and also  making sure nothing got spilled or broken as he passed by things.  
Even with the busyness that children bring, we loved the company and enjoyed the Christmas cheer. 
Thank you Woods family for inviting us.  We had such a great time.  You do such a wonderful job making each person feel like family.  Thanks again!