Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our 23rd...

Day two of the festivities was spent with my immediate family at my parents house.
My sister and her niece Riley Renee
My mom and her granddaughters
Below is Allie (my sister in law) and her sister Lauren.  We loved having her be apart of the fun that morning!  Little Riley is wearing and holding the gift Aubrey picked out for her.  :)  
This camera is for sure one of Aubrey's favorite gifts.  A real camera that you can put the pictures on a computer and you can also add custom borders and designs.  She LOVES it!
Matching gloves for the guys!  :)
LOVE this little ham!
Auntie Christy and Uncle Aaron pimped out our boys with matching...
peacoats and hats.  They looked too cute matching!
We made some hooded towels for Jed and Riley.
Aubrey Rose loooooooves her Auntie Christy and Uncle Aaron!
Aaron requested an umbrella he could hold for Christy and not get wet.  Pretty sure you are covered now Aaron!!  :)
Now Oma has matching plasma cars, so the boys won't fight over one.  This made all of us happy!!  :)
We spent the day together playing games, eating yummy food, chatting and catching up and being together.  It was such a great day!