Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy 92nd Birthday Grandpa!

Wednesday night we celebrated an AMAZING man's birthday. This is Blake's grandfather. He turned 92 yesterday. He truly is a remarkable man. It is an honor to know him and an even bigger honor to be related! Happy Birthday Grandpa! Together with the family, we shared a delicious meal to celebrate at Aunt Carol and Uncle Lee's house. I absolutely LOVE being at their home, especially spending time in their backyard. Absolutely beautiful and incredibly calming. We have shared some wonderful memories in their backyard! She had some entertainment and blankets laid out for the little ones. So sweet.

She also planned for some Marines to visit and present Grandpa (since he was in the Marines years ago) with a card and an American flag. What an honor!
With our National Anthem playing on speakers in the background, these gentlemen marched,

respectfully saluted,

humbly presented,

Grandpa with a Birthday card

And an American flag to one honored and humbled fellow Marine. Absolutely breathtaking. What an honor to be apart of this family.

Then, it was time to eat. This is Blake's cousin Katie and her little guy Logan.
We also had a cake for Grandpa. (Actually a peach cobbler to be exact. Quite fitting if you ask me.) :) Celebrated together some more. I was amazed at Aunt Carol's garden! This is only one little section! Beautiful! The kiddos played together.

Not just the kiddos played, but my husband too. HA!
This is Nicole. Sweetest thing EVER!
And our little girl being silly.
Do they look related?!!

Such a special family. Blake's family with Grandpa. So blessed.
Happy 92nd Birthday Grandpa!! We love you!!
Below is most of the Smittcamp clan!


The Garud's said...

What a beautiful family you have Cherie. You are truely blessed. I sure you know that! Love you girl!

Kylie said...

What a fun party! Happy birthday to Grandpa! And PS - I think I want to live at that house! So pretty!