Thursday, May 13, 2010

Train party

We had such a fun afternoon this past Saturday at Grandpa Smittcamp's house! SUCH a blessing!
Blake, Aubrey Rose and Grandpa
Grandpa was so sweet to open up his carousel and train for friends. He wanted to throw himself a birthday party and this was the best way he knew of....watching little ones with the BIGGEST smiles on their faces.
Grandpa sat here most of the day running the carousel. We kept asking if he wanted someone to take over the duty. He is 92, you know! He responds with "No way! I am lovin' this!" He could quite possibly be the cutest grandpa ever!
Blake and Aubrey Rose
Logan with Auntie Jessica

The train was a favorite too!
Daddy was the conductor!
Sweet bible study friends
My mom waving and our dear friends, the Love's
Auntie Blair and Aubrey Rose
Rob and Blake got a few minutes to kick their feet up and relax :)

There were even rides on Grandpa's horse! Aubrey Rose does not fear much of anything...horses included! Actually, (side note) she is completely scared of band aides for some reason. Not to play with them, but to have them put on her. I think she thinks they will hurt. Hilarious! She recently stubbed her baby toe BAD on some brick. She did not cry. She did not cry even when she saw the blood. She cried when we went to put the band aid on though! HA!! This is just one time. She screams, wigging out, with big ole tears each time we have tried to put a band aid on her. That girl. Yet, she is fearless with just about everything else...

Katie (with Luke), myself, Katie (holding Logan) and Jessica
My dad, Aubrey Rose and Grandpa watching Tootie the Clown's magic show.

Aubrey Rose was showing Opa (my dad) her balloon the clown made for her. It was in the shape of a dog. So cute!

The clown was sweet to make Aubrey Rose another one since her first one popped in the bounce house. Go figure.

Here was Aubrey Rose's FIRST carousel ride in Summer 2008!

Now she is riding all on her own!! Goodness how time flies!

Such a fun day!