Monday, May 17, 2010

Oma Day!

Mondays around our house are a special day! Special for Aubrey Rose and REALLY special for myself. On Monday's, Aubrey Rose gets to hang out with Oma (my mom) ALL day. What a blessing that day is for all of us.
When Aubrey Rose was a tiny little baby, my mom offered to come on Monday's to take care of her, so I could have some "me" time. I don't think she realized then what a commitment (and a blessing) this would become. What started out as a time that I could actually take a shower or take a MUCH needed nap, has now turned into my "get everything done" day. Not only does she bless me by giving me a day to myself, she also loves on our girl and has the sweetest bond with her like no one else does. It is so precious to watch.
The other thing I love about Mondays is knowing the chances are VERY high that Aubrey Rose is going to get dirty. She gets to plant with Oma. Plays in the water fountains. Finds bugs and snails. She goes on walks with Oma. Plays at the park with Oma. All the things we wish we could do daily with our kids. Such a blessing! For that, I will forever be thankful to our Lord and thankful to my Mom for loving on our girl the way she does. Thank you sooooooo much Mom!
Here are Aubrey Rose's findings from today at Oma's. They found about 20 snails together and put them in her bug catcher. Love it!


Karen said...

LOVE IT!! I think everyone needs an Oma, don't you?!

Last summer, I was driving with Kiersten, and went by a playground that we used to go to all the time. I miss those days! So I said to her, 'When you get married, you need to live in the same town as me". Wha??? I told her that I want to be the kind of grandma that takes her kids to the park and hang out with them, so she needed to make sure she ends up within 20 minutes of me!! "Whatever, Mom" (with an eyeroll, of course!)

It's crazy that they're only 15 and 13, but I already CAN'T WAIT to be a grandma. For now, I get my fix in the church nursery.

You are blessed, my girl!! Love ya--miss ya more.


Anonymous said...

thank you, Cherie, for the privelege! Love the Oma Day.