Saturday, May 22, 2010

New addition!

A week ago today, our friends Aaron and Kim brought home a new addition. She is the sweetest bundle of joy. Her name is Madison Grace. God is so good.
Kim and I met in high school. We had a Leadership class together and I have so many memories of Kim and I sitting, just her and I, talking about boys, school, family, friends, etc. We always had a lot to talk about. :) We still do! Fast forward like 14 years and here we are married to such wonderful men and raising adorable girls. So fun.
This was Kim and I in 2002.

The four of us in 2003 at Blake and my engagement party. The four of us have gone to the same church for probably 10+ years. Such a blessing to do life together! Kim and I with our girls, Aubrey Rose and Audrey. (Aubrey Rose is about 4 months younger.) I loved being able to hold the newest Love addition...Madison Grace. Absolutely precious. Congrats Aaron, Kim and Big Sister Audrey!!