Friday, May 21, 2010

LOVE having a girl!

Oh, the dress up parties and adorable girls...absolutely priceless!
Here is Tori, Aubrey Rose, Macey and Logan

Mimi and Auntie Blair helped create these fun memories. You two are sooooo sweet to make such a spontaneous few moments, such a fun memory. Super cute!
Here is Mimi's hidden closet with a bunch of fun dress up clothes...
They were so excited to show off their cute outfits.

Is it just me or does Aubrey Rose look too old in this picture to just be 2?

The outfits just kept coming...

and coming...
and coming!
Sooooo fun! Thanks Mimi and Auntie Blair for being so sweet to our girls!!

We are not sure who loved this more...the girls or us?!! HA! So fun!