Monday, May 9, 2011

13 years today!!!

Today marks 13 years that Blake and I have been together. We met in high school. Blake asked me to prom our senior year of high school (in front of the WHOLE ENTIRE school at a talent show) and the rest is history...Here was our first date on May 9th, 1998 Yes, I wore a white dress because we joked we were going to get married. Funny joke, right??!! :) Greatest blessing ever!

Our first 3 years were long distance. I went to college in San Diego. Blake was in Fresno. Then, I came home and he went to school in Canada for a year. (Do not laugh...this really is us when we were like 10...okay, maybe 18. HA!!) Then, 5 years later...yes, 5 years of dating...on May 9th, 2003 Blake proposed to me. FINALLY! Just kidding, it truly was God's perfect timing. And just so you don't leave laughing at us. We really have grown up...a little. :)
I love you, Blake!! The best part is I love you WAAAAAAAAAY more today than I did 13 years ago and I love that I still get giddy just thinking about you. God is good!


Blake said...

Seriously, that 2nd Picture we look as old as Allie, LOL. Thanks Babe, I too agree with you that I Love you way more today than 13 years ago. Love you,


Anonymous said...

Way to cute!! How great is love! And I'm really excited he asked you to Prom during a talent show - I hope he was singing it!!!!! ;) Is there a video out there? ;) Love you two - now four! ;)