Saturday, May 7, 2011

Softball is BAAAACK!!

A few years ago, Blake recruited me for his company's softball team. When I retired from softball for good, I hung those cleats up and I was completely fine to not play again. :) Blake sure had to work to get me back on the field. Since then, we have recruited some more players. Everyone has nicknames. I am pretty sure Jesse made up almost every single one of them. He is quick and witty like that. Some of the nicknames have a longer story than others, but it all is good fun. Here are most of the players for Team Wawona!

Jed and Austin sharing some sweet cousin time.
It was already 97 degrees this day!! GEEZ!!!

But, we still managed to have to some smiles.

And then guess who wanted in on the action??

MILKSHAKE!!! (My cousin Jeremy)

And Sunshine! (My cousin Chelsey)

LOVE it!!! LOVE those two together!